I found Paul’s coaching session to be invaluable. His careful questioning and approach allowed me to find new ways of dealing with stressed out colleagues, so I could help them without getting stressed myself. Above all, the coaching elicited from me creative and efficient ways of responding to the many changes we have to face in schools nowadays. This gave me a feeling of having more time and feeling less under pressure.
Primary Headteacher, NW England

I used the funding from the Early Headteacher Provision (NCSL) to fund the coaching sessions with Paul. I had been in post for nearly 2 years and had not had the time to consider my own development needs, as I was too busy in school! I would certainly recommend Paul’s coaching as an efficient and effective method of CPD and we are now using this method throughout the school as a whole.
Secondary Headteacher, Manchester

Paul guided me through a change in my career after 30 years working as a senior manager in schools and for Local Authorities. He carefully helped me to set out the steps I needed to take based on my strengths and resources (most of which I had forgotten about!) I would never have applied for such a senior national position had it not been for his coaching.
Educational Consultant, NW England

Paul is a person who instils confidence and belief in you as an individual. He is an excellent listener and creates an environment of calmness and honesty throughout the coaching interaction. I found his interventions very useful indeed, such that I took specific actions at work as a result. He offers support and advice appropriately and is often creative with his thoughts. I know Paul will make a difference to you if you choose to work with him.
Gaynor Jones – Performance Coach GSK

I found Paul’s style very approaching. He asked the right questions that made me think and come up with my own answers to the issues I was struggling with. I highly recommend him as a personal coach.
John Owen – Learning and Development Manager, Friends Provident International

My coaching sessions with Paul have proved to be a complete inspiration. His thorough, caring and forward looking approach is refreshing and productive. The series of sessions were tailor made to meet my professional needs as a Sales and Marketing Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I would commend his approach to all business professionals who are looking to raise their game.
David Crees – Sales and Marketing Director

Paul’s friendly, clear and no-nonsense approach really helped me to zero-in on the problems I wanted to work on.  I knew going into every session with him that we were going to get somewhere, and usually further and faster than I hoped possible.  He was particularly good at picking up on the key aspects of my problems and helping me determine exactly what to change.  I found him straight-forward, down-to-earth and can heartily recommend both him and his approach.
Tom Sedge – Team Leader, ID Business Solutions Ltd