Coaching is:

  • a non-critical and non-judgemental helping process
  • a powerful way to overcome internal barriers to success
  • adaptable to use with all age groups
  • used across a group or one-to-one
  • adding to the impact of conventional training
  • easily carried out.

Coaching is a way of identifying and helping you to reach your destinations or goals.

Coaching whether for personal or professional reasons, regardless of the setting, is working with an individual so the approach doesn’t really change. The emphasis might be focussed on work-related issues but your personality, experiences, values and beliefs will play a big role in how you perform at work, how you feel about your work life and how it impacts on other areas of your life.

Through thoughtful, careful coaching you learn a lot about yourself, which helps you to become happier and more confident about your life in general. This then translates into positive changes that benefit you in your personal and work life.

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Why is coaching such a powerful agent for change?

Coaching draws on different disciplines designed to overcome barriers which prevent you from achieving your goals. The skilled use of questioning, reflection, and specialised coaching techniques helps you to unlock your potential.

Above all, it provides you with a space for reflection and an opportunity to discuss and organise your thoughts without the interruptions of everyday life. This is provided by one of our coaches whose main role is to question, listen and reflect back to you. We employ techniques that enable people to consider problems from other angles and develop positive approaches to problem solving.


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